Next Veggie Lotto draw on Sat 28 April at 8PM!

Jackpot Prize

Match all 6 numbers in the correct order: £25,000

Prize 1

If we hit the target: £413 Currently: £310 (15% of ticket proceeds)

Prize 2

If we hit the target: 2x £96 Currently: £72 (7% of ticket proceeds)

Prize 3

If we hit the target: 4x £14 Currently: £10 (2% of ticket proceeds)

Play the Veggie Lotto and you’ll be helping to achieve:

  1. Greater food stability and less food poverty as the world’s resources are freed to be shared across its population
  2. Animals living naturally alongside humans contributing positively to our eco systems
  3. People with better physical health, fewer cancers, less diabetes and improved resistance to stroke and heart disease
  4. Food production is more sustainable
  5. There is less pollution or environmental damage caused by food production
  6. Food products are slaughter free. No animals raised for slaughter

You can find out more information about the lottery here: Who It Helps

Raising £53,690.00 a year

2065 tickets

2065 tickets of 2750 ticket goal

WIN a £50 gift card for Pizza Express!

WIN a £50 gift card for Pizza Express!

Recent Supporters:

Mrs W (BRADFORD-ON-AVON) supported with 1 ticket

16 hours ago

Mr H (SALISBURY) supported with 2 tickets

17 hours ago

Mrs J (NAIRN) supported with 2 tickets

18 hours ago

Miss P (FAIRFORD) supported with 4 tickets

18 hours ago

Dr D (Sheffield) supported with 5 tickets

18 hours ago

Miss S (WORCESTER) supported with 5 tickets

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Latest Draw

Sat 21 April 2018
  • Winner! Mrs H (EAST GRINSTEAD) Won £294.75!
  • Winner! Miss B (NORWICH) Won £68.77!
  • Winner! Miss F (ABERDEEN) Won £68.77!
  • Winner! Ms T (Tadcaster) Won £9.82!
  • Winner! Mr B (Bakewell) Won £9.82!
  • Winner! Mr H (Kilmarnock) Won £9.82!
  • Winner! Ms G (NANTWICH) Won £9.82!

Why Support?


Great prizes

Match 6 numbers and win £25,000! There are also 7 guaranteed cash prizes to be won each week!


Support a kinder future

At least 50p from every ticket sold will go to help people better understand how what they eat can make a difference for the planet, for animals and for a healthy life.


Only £1 per Week

Unlike many other lotteries Veggie Lotto tickets are only £1 per week!