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Play the Veggie Lotto and be in with the chance of winning £25,000. With every ticket, you are making a big difference to the world.

The Veggie Lotto is a fun way to tackle one of the most important issues facing all of us today: climate change. Did you know vegetarian and vegan food has a significantly lower impact on our environment?

Every time you play you help people go and stay veggie, creating a better planet for future generations.

  • Jim is 88 and a lifelong vegetarian. He was advised by his doctor to eat red meat. Our expert dietician service showed Jim some new ways to cook his favourite veggie dishes, packing them full of the good stuff he needed and helping him reduce his environmental impact.
  • Poppy is a student from Venture Arts, an organisation that supports people with learning disabilities. She came on our community cookery course, where she told us she 'loved the cooking so much' and made her mum a meal for the first time. Experiences like this offer independence, a sense of achievement and create new possibilities.
  • Millie wanted to show her junior school friends how exciting veggie food is. Millie's schools received a small grant to have a veggie sandwich making competition. Her friends loved it and now her school have a veggie day every week, helping her school receive its eco status.

Play today and help more people like Jim, Poppy and Millie create a better planet for us all.

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