Every Veggie Lotto ticket you buy supports the Vegetarian Society. We are the UK's original and leading voice for the vegetarian and vegan movement and strive for a world without animal cruelty.

By purchasing a lottery ticket you are helping us to :

  • Create a culture of respect and empathy towards animals. In the UK alone, over two million land animals are slaughtered daily. We support people to go vegetarian or vegan and more than 200,000 people come to us every month for advice about making cruelty-free choices.
  • Tackle climate change and create a more sustainable world for future generations.
  • Provide community cookery classes. One of the many groups we have worked with is the Sahara Women’s Aid project who support women living with, or fleeing, domestic abuse. We teach valuable skills to build their confidence in the kitchen and make cost-effective, healthy plant-based meals.
  • Run multiple campaigns every year to help animals: These include National Vegetarian Week, our flagship campaign which encourages people to try vegetarian food instead of eating meat and Love Lambs Week where we support animal sanctuaries and ask people to pledge not to eat lamb again

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