Let’s hear from some of our winners!

Tue 5 July 2022
Let’s hear from some of our winners!

These lucky Veggie Lotto players won cash and bonus prizes! Let’s hear what they had to say:

“I was well chuffed to win on the Veggie Lotto...it's the most I've ever won in my life. I didn't believe it at first when I got the email. I thought someone's having me on… but no, it was true!” Clive, won £226

“I have literally JUST started playing the Veggie Lotto. I wanted to help out whilst having the added benefit of a possible nice little win. That came quicker than I ever expected!”
John, won £1,000 bonus prize

“Playing the Veggie Lotto is a really easy way to support the Vegetarian Society. I was delighted with my win and will continue to support them!”
Helen, won £316.35

“I’ve won more on the Veggie lotto in the few years I’ve played it than I have on the National Lottery, which I’ve done from day one-so, the Veggie Lotto has much better odds of a payout…I’m glad I signed up when I did, and I’ll carry on playing indefinitely.” 
Jacky, won £200 M&S voucher


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