Playing the lottery

Veggie Lotto has been created to raise funds for the Vegetarian Society and to influence, inspire and support people to embrace and maintain a vegetarian lifestyle.

Tickets for the lottery cost just £1 per week. Players can buy as many tickets as they wish and can choose their own numbers or select a lucky dip. Match all 6 numbers in the correct order and you will win £25,000. In addition there will be 7 guaranteed winners each week. The size of the guaranteed prizes will depend upon the tickets sold that week.

There will be a draw every Saturday night when the 7 winning tickets will be picked.

The full list of prizes below:

Prize Amount
JACKPOT £25,000
1 15% of ticket sales
2 7% of ticket sales
3 2% of ticket sales

How we help

The lottery is our way of putting the fun in fundraising. For every £1 ticket you buy, 50% goes directly towards supporting the Vegetarian Society. To put this in perspective, when you play the National Lottery, 25% goes to good causes - we've more than doubled the ticket percentage! You can see a breakdown of how your £1 is spent below.
Ticket allocation pie chart

If you have any questions please get in touch.